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Mistura Informatics Limited© was established in November 2011 by Professor Steve Bazire MBE and Dawn Price and registered as a limited company the same year.



Choice and Medication©

The Choice and Medication© website offers people information about mental health conditions and the medications used in the mental health setting to help make informed decisions about medication. Use the site on your own, together with your family or someone you care for or even with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist or healthcare professional.


Our latest product Medicines: A Patient Profile Summary Version 2, commonly referred to as MaPPs©, produces a profile summary of all a patient’s medication in electronic format which can be printed to take home and/or stored for uploading to the clinical record.

Each paragraph of medicines information provides a hard copy of what a healthcare professional would say to a patient in plain English including the main uses, side effects to get worried about and other warning or monitoring required.

Psychotropic Drug Directory

The new 2016 edition of the Psychotropic Drug Directory continues its aim of providing a source of rapidly accessible information for professional practicing clinicians, advice and references on psychiatric drugs and to act as an aide memoir.


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BBC NEWS – Medicine Information Leaflets ‘to scary!’

A report published on BBC News yesterday (20th June 2017) stated that patients are made unduly anxious by the long, off putting, scientific jargon used on the manufacturers PILs (Patient Information Leaflets). As a company Mistura Informatics Ltd has lead the way in establishing this fact since 2008 which is basically why MaPPs2© was created …

Choice and Medication© – New Website Launch

The Choice and Medication© team have been a teeny bit quiet of late but I can now officially announce that the brand new website was successfully launched on the 1st April 2017 for 82 subscribing organisations world wide. Check out the fantastic new site here – Choice and Medication